Requests for Purchases

  1. Log-in to WebLink
  2. Username: First 4 letters of your last name and first 3 letters of your first name. (i.e. John Smith would be – SMITJOH)
    Password: Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number --- can change when you log in
  3. Select “Data Entry/Requisition Entry”
  4. Requisition Number:  Return
  5. Vendor ID: Enter the ID if known, or click on the hourglass, locate the vendor you wish to use and “double click” on it.
  6. Approval Tree ID:  Click on hourglass and select building or department (only one).
  7. Requisition Amount:  Enter the total of amount you are requesting to spend.
  8. Requisition Date: Return
  9. Expected Date: Enter the date you wish to order by.
  10. Requisition Description:  Enter short description (i.e. Science Fair Supplies)
  11. Ship To Address ID:  Should be filled in, but if not click on hourglass and select.
  12. Employee ID: Your Employee ID will be here.
  13. Click on the “+” sign – to add line items to your requisition.
    1. Account Number: Click on hourglass and double click on account number
    2. Detail Description: Enter description of the item you are ordering (i.e. frogs)
    3. Catalogue:  Enter the catalogue number of the item you are ordering.
    4. Cost Center ID: Return – do not enter anything here.
    5. Quantity: Enter the number of this specific item that you wish to order.
    6. Unit Price:  Enter the price for the item you are ordering.
    7. Unit Description:  Can leave blank (enter) or list the type of unit (i.e. bucket).
    8. Detail Amount: Will automatically calculate the total amount for this line item.
    9. Split Percent: Return – do not enter anything here.
    10. Click on blue icon to save.
    11. Repeat above for each item you wish to order from this vendor/on this requisition. DO NOT forget to add shipping as a line item if there is a charge for shipping.
  14. Click “Submit” - when all items for this vendor are entered.
  15. Repeat process for EACH vendor you wish to order supplies from.
  16. After final approval is given you will receive an email letting you know that your requisition has been approved and your building secretary will convert the Requisition to a Purchase Order.  
  17. Requisition Status:  Select Data Entry/Requisition Status to see if your request has

**School Specialty Orders – for LARGE orders: Do not enter each line item, but enter the Detail for the order) and submit.**